Selfie Cult Lower East Side LES NYC Sept 2015

Uta Brauser‘s “Selfie Cult,” a three paneled mural  challenges the idea of an
individual’s independence in the digital age. Not only for viewing, the mural will also provide backdrops for
public participation to use the mural to enhance their own selfies.
Uta, a renowned, German multidisciplinary street artist describes selfies as “a record to share our moments and online diaries in the social media arena.” The “Selfie Cult” concept reflects the current,viral sensation culture of the moment, documenting personal style with self reference and possibly a touch of narcissism.
Each panel opens its own dialogue about common Western attitudes and social media. The first panel,
‘ME,’ depicts Frida Kahlo­an original “selfie queen”, feminist, surrealist self portrait artist who reflects the
“me, me, me’ culture that today’s social media promotes. The second panel, ‘CONNECT’, displays
smartphones connected as an eternity knot symbol to represent how society is now ‘eternally connected’ to
and dependent on cell phones and the cyber world. The final panel, ‘SWALLOW’, presents a gigantic phone
with a mouth that appears ready to devour whomever stands in front of it and illustrates how technology may
eventually “swallow” its consumer.

Selfie Cult at Rivington Wall will launch between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 17th.
Engaging activities will continue through late October to encourage bypassers to take fun selfies. Additional
details are available at http://www.Creative­
Rivington Wall is managed by the pop­up shop space company Parasol Projects. This collaboration is
curated and activated by the Cultural Engineers at Creative CNTRL.

Skull Femmes, Charming Pose

Skull Femmes, Charming Pose
Skull Femmes, Charming Pose
Skully nude on bed

By Uta Brauser Oil ink on paper, 11.5″ x 16.5″, “skull femmes” series.
I started juxtaposing the skull with the softness of the female body. All people have a skull: it is our most permanent remain on earth. And it holds our brain.

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Square Perception

Square Perception
Square Perception
acrylic, on Bristol watercolor paper. 12″ x 17″
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: acrylic, Bristol card stock

Square brain pattern, square perception, painting.
acrylic, on Bristol watercolor paper.12″ x 17″. Artist: Uta Brauser, painted early 2015.

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Male Portrait Series, Actor with Long Hair

Male Portrait Series, Actor with Long Hair
Male Portrait Series, Actor with Long Hair
Male Portrait Series, Actor with Long Hair, Portrait by Uta Brauser, 18″ x 18″.
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: acrylic, oil pen, canvas

The face I drew is an actor in my male portrait series. This is an original painting with oil marker and acrylic on canvas by artist Uta Brauser,  size 18″ x 18″un-stretched.

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