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This site is a collaborative effort to sell and showcase the art of visionary artist and art activist Uta Brauser.

I personally believe in her art and mission because it is about tolerance, understanding, social change, and getting people to not just appreciate art but also to participate in the creation of art.

Uta has always spent a great deal of her efforts in important charitable causes for the betterment of the whole human family. She combines great art and creativity with inspiring the energies of others towards creativity and the imagination, bringing diverse peoples together in the process.

If you buy her art here, you are not making a gallery owner somewhere rich. You are not buying some spoiled artist a third vacation home either. Uta puts all of her time and money into the greater charitable effort of fostering creativity, imagination, tolerance, and peace. Buy the art if you can:

  • It will bring thought-provoking beauty to your living or work space.
  • Uta’s personality and involvement makes her more well-known each year: the art is already valuable and will be an excellent investment.
  • All money goes to a great cause.
  • Supporting the artist will enable more new art in the future.

We are expecting great things from Uta, both in her art and in her activism. We hope this site will be a great stepping-stone.

-the Web and I, Inc.

A statement by the Artist, Uta Brauser:

Uta Brauser, the artist

Born in Munich Germany  Uta Brauser  is a multidisciplinary artist


involving visual art, activism, fashion and new media in her obsession about the human characters, questions of self and the continued dialog and interaction between people.

Uta Brausers large body of work with drawings, sculptures, art dolls, installations, art activism, fashion in curated exhibits and on stage, developed between Germany, Italy and the United States across many years.

Uta is a culture instigator, pioneering with social interaction through events in the public space on a long term  time span with a steady rhythm, the durational approach.

The artist markets  interact and communicate with people in communities through art, celebrate artistic and pluralistic expression. These events weave a fabric of human quality and talents, cross cultural relations and a great sense of neighborhood.

Uta opened the gallery Fish with Braids  in 2008  between a fish store and a hair braiding parlor, the name being location specific.


The Creative Grove artist & designer market  brought massive change to Jersey City with weekly manifestations, all year outdoors, from  May 2009 till September 2014. All outdoor markets took “inspiration” by the genius example, the corrupt political players making sure to grasp funding and efforts for their own events, aiming for a better suburban look and catalog image to sell their real estate.

The artist market promoted visibility, network and original works, independence,  self reliance.

In Bushwick Brooklyn NY Uta runs a mural project on Morgan Ave x Harrison Place, with the non profit Arts in Action Corporation.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Uta.
    I am a Danish artist. I have just been to Brooklyn and saw your van in The Streets.
    Just felt like leaving a comment from one to an other artist from Europe, leaving hope for all of us who work with art.
    Have a great summer 🙂
    from Susanne Butcher

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