Uta Brauser

Uta Brauser, Multidisciplinary artist from Munich, Germany.

Uta Brauser can be described as an art force,  a body channelling the vector of divine creation that flows through selected people.

She also is at the forefront of a strong creative movement that intends to familiarize the public with art and culture, build community with artistic events. Not only the appreciation of art, but the involvement in the experience or creation of art is encouraged. Uta’s events invite artists and the public to interact, express themselves in a peaceful manner beyond materialism and violence. Uta’s multidisciplinary forms of expressions range from outsider art, surrealism, pop to art activism. The main focus in her life remains a study of the human character, questions of social interaction and perfecting the approach to personal self-development and enlightenment. She will always encourage the continued dialog and interaction between people.

Uta Brauser has a large body of work replete with drawings, sculptures, art-dolls, installations, art activism, and staged fashion presentations.  She has exhibited at international designer fairs, galleries and special events in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States.  Her years of radiating creation, positive energy and art have touched every area on her map.

Uta’s approach as a culture instigator manifests in pioneering with social interaction through events in the public space  long-term. The steady rhythm of interactions form a durational approach. Such projects have been artist markets that foster interaction and communication of diverse peoples through the common experience of art, creativity, and intellect. The atmosphere is one that is international and embraces tolerance and inclusion for the whole human family. She has received accolades from local politicians for her effect of inculcating a great sense of neighborhood with her artist markets and installations.

Uta opened the gallery Fish with Braids  in 2008  between a fish store and a hair braiding parlor, the name being location specific and whimsical..

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Art Store:  etsy.com/shop/fishwithbraids



Art Store:  etsy.com/shop/fishwithbraids

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Street art murals of 2015/16 on walls or trucks around NYC. I have painted a lot of Frida Kahlo themes in this period.

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The Coney Island boardwalk scene was a special project produced by Spaeth Design for Junior’s cheesecake and restaurant. To be mounted at their new location in Boca Raton FL. The layout and combination of details was designed by Spaeth staff, I painted the mural with some assistance of Spaeth painters. Acrylic, glazes on canvas. 7.5ft… Read More

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To complete the Frida Kahlo theme and collection I wanted to paint a few portraits or scenes where Frida and Diego are together. They needed each other and regardless of the tumultuous relationship could not do without each other. This large painting is on an art truck, (“acrylic on truck”), often parked in Williamsburg BK… Read More

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Design Walk is a curated event and showcase, a collaborative effort between Uta Brauser and Design related businesses on Atlantic Avenue in the district of the Atlantic Avenue BID. The event is produced by the Atlantic Ave BID,  May 7 3pm – 8pm, creating pedestrian plazas in the public space with exciting activities allowing people… Read More

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Triangle Woman and Evolve Wear WFW sept 2012

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Uta Brauser has been in the art scene in New York, New Jersey, and beyond for quite a while. Where some fail to make their mark in the Art World, Uta is a force unto herself. She produces thought provoking art and encourages everyone to produce art and be creative. Her happy mood and kindness bring a magical comfortable aura everywere she is. This quality makes her a great master of ceremonies.

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