Uta Bauhaus Uta

The Uta Bauhaus Uta piece is being performed and reinterpreted again at artvonfrei

Brunnenstr. 187       10119 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 47 59 54 50
Mobil: +49 (0) 1 51 56 00 03 44

in Berlin on March 2nd 2017, 7 pm. Costumes by Uta Bekaia and Uta Brauser, music by Heidi Lorenz Wettach-Hussa, performers  Andrew Clarke (New Zealand) and Bianca Lozano Sanders (Spain).


The first piece was created in coordination with the Bauhaus Babies exhibit at Odetta gallery, Bushwick NY, December 17 2016


229 Cook St, Brooklyn NY 11206

Celebrating this beautiful exhibition with Richard Bottwin, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Sylvia Schwartz

closing reception  6 – 8pm
Dec 17, 2016

Special performance:

a collaborative movement piece  at 7 pm

Uta Bauhaus Uta



Uta Bauhaus Uta performance

street art murals

Street art murals of 2015/16 on walls or trucks around NYC. I have painted a lot of Frida Kahlo themes in this period.

scenic mural Coney Island boardwalk

The Coney Island boardwalk scene was a special project produced by Spaeth Design for Junior’s cheesecake and restaurant. To be mounted at their new location in Boca Raton FL.

The layout and combination of details was designed by Spaeth staff, I painted the mural with some assistance of Spaeth painters.

Acrylic, glazes on canvas. 7.5ft x 25 ft

Frida and Diego mural

To complete the Frida Kahlo theme and collection I wanted to paint a few portraits or scenes where Frida and Diego are together.

They needed each other and regardless of the tumultuous relationship could not do without each other.

This large painting is on an art truck, (“acrylic on truck”), often parked in Williamsburg BK on Bedford Avenue on the North Side.

I chose the Industry mural theme for Diego as the backdrop because as a communist he stood up for the people, worker rights, and he appreciated the development of the job industry even though he struggled with the capitalist market aspect. The DIA Detroit Institute of Art director did have major objections when Diego painted the factory workers on theses fresco murals, glorifying the work force.

I also  love that the Diego mural represents the world’s first car assembly line built and designed in Detroit, Edsel and Henry Ford.

Frida and Diego in Detroit
the couple
standing in front of Diego Rivera’s Industry mural, Detroit
Diego mural detail
Diego mural Henry Ford first assembly line
workers at the Henry Ford plant
work in progress
Diego face detail

Design Walk Atlantic Ave

Design Walk is a curated event and showcase, a collaborative effort between Uta Brauser and Design related businesses on Atlantic Avenue in the district of the Atlantic Avenue BID.

The event is produced by the Atlantic Ave BID,  May 7 3pm – 8pm, creating pedestrian plazas in the public space with exciting activities allowing people of all ages to EXPERIENCE design and artisan techniques in process.

This event is endorsed by the NYC department of Cultural affairs, DOT, NYCGO.com, NYCxDesign, in the business corridor of the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District.


Frida Kahlo spreading her flowers into the universe

performance piece by Uta Brauser,

with Jetaime Pizarro and Amber Lee

Frida expressed herself very strongly in her paintings,  although considered surrealist,she painted her own realities.

The flowers to remain in the universe symbolize the female, a delicate soul, hoping for permanence and unperishable presence.

Uta’s live action painting creates a Frida portrait, then a wheelchair Frida adds the flowers to the painting, the “super flower Frida” will spread more petals into the area, room and audience.

performed at the  UP NYC  performance art festival April 21 at Paper Box, Brooklyn.

Frida Skeptical

Frida Skeptical
Frida Skeptical
Frida Skeptical, an original painting from the Frida Collection by Uta Brauser

My Frida Kahlo portrait series celebrates this artist, her daring energy, her cultural authenticity and yet individuality, standing up as a female in a man’s world.

This original painting is  68″‘x 48″, un-stretched canvas,  acrylic and enamel .

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Frida la Reina

Frida la Reina
Frida la Reina
Frida la Reina, an original painting by Uta Brauser.

My Frida Kahlo portrait series celebrates this artist, her daring energy, her cultural authenticity and yet individuality, standing up as a female. I see Frida as today’s Mona Lisa. This piece depicts the stare, pride and fascination of the contemporary Mexican artist.

This expressionist painting is 60″‘x 42″, canvas, acrylic and enamel paint, German expressionism with a touch of pop art.

This Frida portrait “Frida La Reina” is my most representative rendering of her determined energy, her strength and centeredness.


Female Torso Standing

Female Torso Standing
Female Torso Standing
Female Torso Standing, Drip Painting by Uta Brauser

This is a larger than usual  drip of a female nude, latex enamel paint on canvas, 54″ x 36″, German expressionism, the energy and expression are the prevalent factors.

Selfie Cult Lower East Side LES NYC Sept 2015

Uta Brauser‘s “Selfie Cult,” a three paneled mural  challenges the idea of an
individual’s independence in the digital age. Not only for viewing, the mural will also provide backdrops for
public participation to use the mural to enhance their own selfies.
Uta, a renowned, German multidisciplinary street artist describes selfies as “a record to share our moments and online diaries in the social media arena.” The “Selfie Cult” concept reflects the current,viral sensation culture of the moment, documenting personal style with self reference and possibly a touch of narcissism.
Each panel opens its own dialogue about common Western attitudes and social media. The first panel,
‘ME,’ depicts Frida Kahlo­an original “selfie queen”, feminist, surrealist self portrait artist who reflects the
“me, me, me’ culture that today’s social media promotes. The second panel, ‘CONNECT’, displays
smartphones connected as an eternity knot symbol to represent how society is now ‘eternally connected’ to
and dependent on cell phones and the cyber world. The final panel, ‘SWALLOW’, presents a gigantic phone
with a mouth that appears ready to devour whomever stands in front of it and illustrates how technology may
eventually “swallow” its consumer.

Selfie Cult at Rivington Wall will launch between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Thursday, September 17th.
Engaging activities will continue through late October to encourage bypassers to take fun selfies. Additional
details are available at http://www.Creative­CNTRL.com.
Rivington Wall is managed by the pop­up shop space company Parasol Projects. This collaboration is
curated and activated by the Cultural Engineers at Creative CNTRL.