street art murals

Street art murals of 2015/16 on walls or trucks around NYC. I have painted a lot of Frida Kahlo themes in this period.

Frida and Diego mural

To complete the Frida Kahlo theme and collection I wanted to paint a few portraits or scenes where Frida and Diego are together.

They needed each other and regardless of the tumultuous relationship could not do without each other.

This large painting is on an art truck, (“acrylic on truck”), often parked in Williamsburg BK on Bedford Avenue on the North Side.

I chose the Industry mural theme for Diego as the backdrop because as a communist he stood up for the people, worker rights, and he appreciated the development of the job industry even though he struggled with the capitalist market aspect. The DIA Detroit Institute of Art director did have major objections when Diego painted the factory workers on theses fresco murals, glorifying the work force.

I also  love that the Diego mural represents the world’s first car assembly line built and designed in Detroit, Edsel and Henry Ford.

Frida and Diego in Detroit
the couple
standing in front of Diego Rivera’s Industry mural, Detroit
Diego mural detail
Diego mural Henry Ford first assembly line
workers at the Henry Ford plant
work in progress
Diego face detail

Frida Kahlo spreading her flowers into the universe

performance piece by Uta Brauser,

with Jetaime Pizarro and Amber Lee

Frida expressed herself very strongly in her paintings,  although considered surrealist,she painted her own realities.

The flowers to remain in the universe symbolize the female, a delicate soul, hoping for permanence and unperishable presence.

Uta’s live action painting creates a Frida portrait, then a wheelchair Frida adds the flowers to the painting, the “super flower Frida” will spread more petals into the area, room and audience.

performed at the  UP NYC  performance art festival April 21 at Paper Box, Brooklyn.

Frida Skeptical

Frida Skeptical
Frida Skeptical
Frida Skeptical, an original painting from the Frida Collection by Uta Brauser

My Frida Kahlo portrait series celebrates this artist, her daring energy, her cultural authenticity and yet individuality, standing up as a female in a man’s world.

This original painting is  68″‘x 48″, un-stretched canvas,  acrylic and enamel .

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Frida la Reina

Frida la Reina
Frida la Reina
Frida la Reina, an original painting by Uta Brauser.

My Frida Kahlo portrait series celebrates this artist, her daring energy, her cultural authenticity and yet individuality, standing up as a female. I see Frida as today’s Mona Lisa. This piece depicts the stare, pride and fascination of the contemporary Mexican artist.

This expressionist painting is 60″‘x 42″, canvas, acrylic and enamel paint, German expressionism with a touch of pop art.

This Frida portrait “Frida La Reina” is my most representative rendering of her determined energy, her strength and centeredness.


Recent murals

If truck, van or murals, I enjoy painting in a larger scale. It corresponds to a body movement, a physical expression, fun with larger lines involving the whole body.

Sept 2015, Rivington Wall, Parasol Projects: “selfie cult“, with activations organized by TeamCNTRL,  september: selfie night with music by RhythmLounge, on oct 22: Silent Disco, NYC social  and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.

This year 2015 I organized the Morgan Walls in Bushwick, on Morgan Ave and Harrison Place, next to the L train Morgan exit, for the non profit Arts in Action. The project offered wall space with curated themes for 20 artists each series. On Instagram:  #morganwalls #artsinactionbushwick

April 2015,Females, Morgan Walls: The first series April through July had 20 artists examine women, portrayal or desire of the female image. Also seeking out female muralists and artists.

My mural was a surrealistic portrait of Michelle Obama.

July 26/27 2015 “selfies the new pop art?Morgan Walls. August through November, brought many expressions or illustrations about the selfie culture to the walls.

I chose Frida Kahlo, the real Queen of selfies, as my contribution to the theme.  This mural is still up, today Nov 3.

The Morgan Walls rotate art every 4 months, if the wall space remains available.

Frida Queen of Selfies Mural, Print

Frida Queen of Selfies Mural Print
Frida Queen of Selfies Mural Print
Frida Queen of Selfies Mural Print

This is a print on cardstock photo paper, 11″ x 9″

The painting is a mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY, part of the Morgan Walls series, organized by Arts in Action Corporation, a non profit for the arts. Uta Brauser is the executive director and coordinator of the mural program.

The original painting is: 12 foot x 10 foot, Morgan Ave x Harrison Place, Brooklyn. Acrylic and spray paint on cement wall. The mural was painted over by a graffiti artist in the claim of public wall space tradition.

This FRIDA KAHLO painting depicts her as the queen of selfies, before the existence of smart phones, therefore she holds a paint brush.

The curated theme was “Selfies the new pop art today”

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