Fostering artist presence in Bushwick: Bushwick Art Crawl

Organizing and bringing people together, grow excitement, share with the public: it takes that special person driven to do it.

That’s Uta Brauser, creative immersive event producer.

This footage is Marcus Glitteris’ experience at the art crawl.

NeXus performance at Art Basel Miami

Transcontinental Performance Art Platform

ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB) in collaboration with PerForMIA,  hosted by Edge Zones Project presents the Transcontinental Performance Art Platform, NeXus during MIAMI ART WEEK 2017.

Saturday, Dec. 9th, 8:00-11:00 pm, EDGE ZONES ART GALLERY, Miami


performance piece with Uta Brauser and Florence Benichou

Sunday, Dec, 10th, 3:00-6:00 pm, LUMMUS PARK, South Beach

Photo: Elisa Osborne and Yidan Zeng.

December 2, 2017 (Miami, USA) — NeXus, a new Transcontinental Performance Art Platform, an initiative curated by interdisciplinary artist, and cultural entrepreneur, Hector Canonge, will premiere in the United States during Miami Art Week. Hosted by Edge Zones Art Gallery, Miami’s leading performance art venue, and PerForMIA, created and directed by Charo Oquet, NeXus will present new performances by local, national, and international artists selected from a world-wide open call.

For its first edition, NeXus curatorial theme explores and treat notions of human (dis)connections, personal binds, social (re)attachments, misplaced identities, and focal (dis)placements. As a new initiative, NeXus will bring diverse manifestations of performance art where the body is at the center of artistic expression, corporeal examination, and challenging execution.

Participating Artists:

Rachelle Beaudoin (United States), Uta Brauser (Germany) with Florence Benichou (France), Thomas Bell (United States), Soojin Chang (South Korea), Alexandra Holownia (Poland), Riccardo Matlakas (Italy), Elisa Osborne (Venezuela) with Yidan Zeng (China), Veronica Peña (Spain), and Cynthia Post Hunt (United States).


Saturday, December 9th, 8:00-11:00 pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm)


3317 NW 7th Ave. Circle, Miami, FL 33127

Public Interventions:

Sunday, December 10th, 3:00-6:00 pm


Entrance of 14th Street, South Beach, Miami


March 8 – April 6 2017

group show of 7 artists,  expressing their aspect of the female in emotional, conceptional, bold, celebratory or outrage forms

with paintings, sculptures, fiber art, photography and performance work.

Artists: Eva Genevieve, Sienna Reid, Eva Mueller, Nyssa Frank,  Uta Brauser,  Francis Christie and Elizabeth Flores

curated by Uta Brauser

held in 2 locations: the mobile gallery and

Koda Restaurant and bar,    985 Flushing Ave, Bushwick NY 11237


Sienna Reid

Sienna Reid’s pen and ink drawings on paper reflect on the words that women (and their intersectional community) are called when the intention is to demean them and assassinate their character.

The words originate in the world of subjective fantasy, but are used as if they are factual and based in reality. They are words that are impossible to counter, much like how the woman accused of being a witch in the past would be spared if she drowned, but would be convicted if she swam.

Reid’s work claims the words that women are called and makes them our own, without shame, emboldened and empowered.

Nyssa Frank

A self described Homo Sapiens, dives into the unknown with eyes wide open exploring numerous mediums to dissect the beautiful questions our world gives birth to.

Eva Mueller
Eva‘s work incorporates a variety of cultural influences from her native Germany, including Bauhaus and Modernism.

Graphic design and fine art  evolved into her main medium: photography.

The naked human body in all forms and shapes is the focus of her work. “It’s the visual essence of being human”.

Eva displays a deep fascination with androgyny and how our perceptions of gender conformity and transgression are expressed, gender and race convergence and divergence. She is always challenging her viewers to look more deeply and question their judgments.

Francis Christie

TFUK, Brooklyn based.

Mixed medium artist.    Acrylic paint pens, ink, industrial markers.

A lot of abstract skulls and wonders why you care who I am? Do you like it? Yes or no?

About his females:

He admires the bravery these celebrities had to backpedal out of scandals from the spot light.

Eva Genevieve

Centered around processes of restriction and experimentation, Eva’s oil paintings contain abstracted narratives built upon various “intimate inanimate” relationships using glazes and/or impasto techniques.

Elizabeth Flores

is a classically trained visual, theater artist specializing in costume design.  She is currently returning and working to find her voice with her first love, fine arts.

Elizabeth works in textile mediums, her work is centered around literary reflections on people’s interactions.

Uta Brauser

Artist, curator, artpreneur, activist, obsessed with the reflections about the human character and interactions in the social context and community. German born, long time New Yorker.

Uta Bauhaus Uta

The Uta Bauhaus Uta piece is being performed and reinterpreted again at artvonfrei

Brunnenstr. 187       10119 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0) 30 47 59 54 50
Mobil: +49 (0) 1 51 56 00 03 44

in Berlin on March 2nd 2017, 7 pm. Costumes by Uta Bekaia and Uta Brauser, music by Heidi Lorenz Wettach-Hussa, performers  Andrew Clarke (New Zealand) and Bianca Lozano Sanders (Spain).


The first piece was created in coordination with the Bauhaus Babies exhibit at Odetta gallery, Bushwick NY, December 17 2016


229 Cook St, Brooklyn NY 11206

Celebrating this beautiful exhibition with Richard Bottwin, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Sylvia Schwartz

closing reception  6 – 8pm
Dec 17, 2016

Special performance:

a collaborative movement piece  at 7 pm

Uta Bauhaus Uta



Uta Bauhaus Uta performance

Frida Kahlo spreading her flowers into the universe

performance piece by Uta Brauser,

with Jetaime Pizarro and Amber Lee

Frida expressed herself very strongly in her paintings,  although considered surrealist,she painted her own realities.

The flowers to remain in the universe symbolize the female, a delicate soul, hoping for permanence and unperishable presence.

Uta’s live action painting creates a Frida portrait, then a wheelchair Frida adds the flowers to the painting, the “super flower Frida” will spread more petals into the area, room and audience.

performed at the  UP NYC  performance art festival April 21 at Paper Box, Brooklyn.

Fashion future wearable art: Evolve Wear

Evolve Wear Fashion Film by Ravene Noir part 1

Evolve Wear Fashion Film part 2


These films are a collaboration between Uta Brauser and Ravene Noir, Fall 2012 Spring 2013

merging Uta’s  Evolve Wear collection, movement, sound  with  Ravene’s design, projections and expression into an art film.

Shot at 190 Columbus Drive, Jersey City, 2nd location of the Fish with Braids Gallery.

Performers/models:  Caridad Rivera, Rodina Mikhail, Lisa G,  KC Schweickert

Projections: Adam

Art Basel Miami 2015 Squared

“Squared” showing and interacting at Art Basel Miami 2015, at Conception Art Fair, Wynwood, Miami,

Blank Canvas Projects, Wynwood with “wild art, beautiful life”,

a radio  interview with Donna Freeman, “Spirit and Beyond” at Wynwood Radio, streaming live at Untitled Art Fair,

and the Frida Kahlo installation including the Frida van, a rolling “canvas” group,  3 panel exhibit of a Frida Kahlo sentiment.

at Art Basel miami 2015, CONCEPTION ART FAIR, this cozy emerging art fair featured very real work by living artists, fun installations, political pieces and street art. Great mixture,
run by a women team,
loved to be part of it.

~ Uta Brauser


I see u

i see u pose

A continued interaction series between concept, art in action (or action art) and the thus created re-action and inspiration. A multidisciplinary piece in continuum.

all works Uta Brauser, October 2014

concept, drawing, performance, reaction pieces, revisited concept, continued action – reaction