Frida and Diego mural

To complete the Frida Kahlo theme and collection I wanted to paint a few portraits or scenes where Frida and Diego are together.

They needed each other and regardless of the tumultuous relationship could not do without each other.

This large painting is on an art truck, (“acrylic on truck”), often parked in Williamsburg BK on Bedford Avenue on the North Side.

I chose the Industry mural theme for Diego as the backdrop because as a communist he stood up for the people, worker rights, and he appreciated the development of the job industry even though he struggled with the capitalist market aspect. The DIA Detroit Institute of Art director did have major objections when Diego painted the factory workers on theses fresco murals, glorifying the work force.

I also  love that the Diego mural represents the world’s first car assembly line built and designed in Detroit, Edsel and Henry Ford.

Frida and Diego in Detroit
the couple
standing in front of Diego Rivera’s Industry mural, Detroit
Diego mural detail
Diego mural Henry Ford first assembly line
workers at the Henry Ford plant
work in progress
Diego face detail


Undecided, an original drawing, part of the Surrealistic Faces Series.
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: paper, marker
  • Only ships to United States from Brooklyn, New York.

Undecided is a line drawing portrait, a face featuring various splits from my Surrealistic Faces Series,

Brown marker on paper, an original drawing , size 8.5″ x 11″.

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Frida Portrait (Original Painting)

Frida Portrait
Frida Portrait
Frida Portrait red scarf

I deconstruct shape and form, my line drawings and paintings of faces become guides for the interpretative mind.

My Frida Kahlo portrait series celebrates this artist, her daring energy, her cultural authenticity and yet individuality, standing up as a female in a man’s world.


Uta Brauser, size 6′ x 4′, unstretched, acrylic on canvas, spray paint.


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My Sculptures

Catherine's Face

My reflections about the human manifests in portraits, in this case in ceramic clay and mixed media.

These sculptures depict people with their movement, energy and attitude.

human matter, a playful exploration about matter and matters

Uta Brauser at the Brouwerij


“My line drawings delve into the nature of our matter, following the traces of cell life.

I enjoy revealing our relationship to minerals and water,  my lines form freely expressing

a sense of my understanding.”

Opening reception: January 16, Brouwerij Lane,  78 Greenpoint Ave  Brooklyn

7 – 10 pm,  DJ Pastiche playing Minimal

G Train to Greenpoint Ave,  walk towards East River, x Franklin

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Faces, Interpretative Portraits

My lines take the eye on a journey of imaginary shaping, I interpret character and expression. The line flow also reflects energy and a relationship to our origin of matter.