Amy Schumer doll

I was asked to do the Amy doll for the Inside Amy Schumer Production for a funny sketch of her jokes and humor.

Amy Schumer doll official “ad”

I made the doll, the vomit rig and all accessories.

My Sculptures

Catherine's Face

My reflections about the human manifests in portraits, in this case in ceramic clay and mixed media.

These sculptures depict people with their movement, energy and attitude.

Faces, Interpretative Portraits

My lines take the eye on a journey of imaginary shaping, I interpret character and expression. The line flow also reflects energy and a relationship to our origin of matter.

Lines Explored

Artists guide our interpretations  into the imaginary     through the line.

Uta Brauser with Paul Richard and Eva Moll , each artist play with the power and the effect of the drawn line.

Images of Uta Brauser’s line drawings
Aug 9 –  26, 2012
Opening reception     August 9                 7 -10 pm
Fish with  Braids Gallery     190 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City


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